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Next day loans are easy to get with Toku Cash!

Toku Cash works with lenders all over the country that can fund loans as quickly as within 48hrs!  Whether you need to borrow $100 or $5,000, Toku Cash can help!  Simply click the yellow tab on the right that says “Get Cash Now” and fill out your information and a loan specialist will contact you immediately to discuss your loan options.  We fund next day loans all the time!

Can I really get my funds as quickly as next day?

Yes!  Toku Cash works with partners whom fund next day loans all the time!  The key is getting your application and request in as quickly as possible and make sure you talk to a representative as soon as you can.  The earlier you discuss your cash needs, the faster your loan will fund and you will have your money.

Many lenders say they can get me funds the same day, is that true?

This can be true; however it’s much more difficult to get a same day loan online because of funding cut-off times at various banks across the country.  If you don’t request your funds early enough, Toku Cash will have a hard time finding a lender that will be able to deposit the money into your account on the same day.  It’s not impossible, just difficult.  This makes next day loans much easier and more attractive from a lender and borrower standpoint.  There is a far greater chance you will get your loan the next day, then on the same day.

I have bad credit, is that OK?

No problem!  Toku Cash works with borrowers that have poor credit all the time!  Simply fill out the request form on our contact us page to learn how we can help.  Consultations are 100% free and have no obligation, so contact us today!

How much can I borrow and what will my payments be?

Toku Cash works with lenders that provide loans from $100 to $5,000.  Payments will vary depending on the amount you borrow and your interest rate.  However your loan will have no prepayment penalties and you can pay it off at any time.

Do you do a credit check?

We do not do traditional credit checks and can get you approved even if you have poor credit.  If you know your FICO is low, don’t let that hinder you from applying for a loan.  We don’t even look at your FICO when approving your loan!  Contact us today to learn more and get your cash now!

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